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A secret gem in the jungle

Well hidden in the tropical jungle behind Costa Rican surf-hotspot Tamarindo, lies a secret treasure. A surfcamp, on paper, yet its true nature remains much more mystical than that. It’s a community of wandering souls, a melting pot of ocean vibes, yoga and mindful living that will swallow you up in its welcoming, hot and humid belly and spit you back out not ever quite the same as you used to be.

working in between sand and salt

Having been part of that family and having gotten to document the life inside Dreamsea Surfcamp Costa Rica in photography and film for two weeks to this day makes me realise how incredibly lucky I am. Granted, it has not been the easiest job; taking care of a few thousand dollars worth of equipment while literally sleeping in a bus wreck in the jungle and being two miles away at the beach during most of the daytime was not a piece of cake. Keeping up with the pace of the daily schedule of surftrips to various beaches or activity tours around the country, getting a good variety of ground and aerial based stills and videos in each location and then editing and posting the content in basically real time did take its toll, no doubt. Not to speak of the often unbearable Wifi conditions in camp that made me spend hours in internet cafes in town instead mid-action at the beach where I felt I was supposed to be. I’m not gonna pretend like it was no fun, but it definitely was hard work too. Seeing the results though got rid of any remaining lack in motivation, as attention and engagement on the page spiked with every new post we dropped. And a good amount of the camps marketing really was throughly done through social media channels, effectively, as many if not most visitors stated they discovered the surfcamp through one of the various channels.

learning to live in 'pura vida'

My work was unpaid, but bartered for by free stay and meals. Which was fine with me, as it was my first ever travel related gig and I learned so much there, that I knew it was well worth while. I slowly got the hang of preventing sand from entering my equipment, and dealing with the constantly corroding conditions of beaches and tropical weather. I learned how to work with complete strangers infront and behind the camera and, maybe latest of all, I started to grasp the true meaning of the Costa Rican phrase ‘Pura Vida’; not just a sentence uttered for anything from ‘sorry’ to ‘enjoy man’, but also the very key expression to describe the laid-back surfculture lifestyle acted out by ‘los ticos’. 


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