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a promising partnership

Although an only quite recently started collaboration, I have known the brand ‘Focuswater’ for quite some years as they were a sponsor of my Parkour team Free-Z since early on. Working together for the first time outside of the sports related realm on a content shoot where I was actually a model, rather than a photographer, we soon discovered how fruitful a more intimate partnership could be for both of us. The activity and health related branding of the drink fit perfectly to my lifestyle and the themes I liked to shoot anyways. Comparatively to them having access to a consistent, monthly recurring and high quality stream of outdoor adventure and activity based photos was a huge win. 


Finding focus in every day life

So that is how I started taking 1-2 bottles of Focuswater with me whenever I go outdoors and snapping some pictures whenever there is a fitting scene. And it’s honestly been so much fun; as there are few, if any, limits to the activity that fits their feed. Be it a romantic pic-nic, a yoga session at a viewpoint or a 2 days hiking trip through the alps. And that is part of why I love photography so much; it does not just make you appreciate aesthetics and beauty in your life much more consciously, but it actively pushes you to live a vivid and scenic life, it makes you chase sunsets and mountain peaks and forces you to go the extra mile to enjoy each moment to its fullest. In a nutshell, I guess it really makes you find focus.


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