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dream big

One could say it all started with an email. But actually it started a good half year before that, with a wish that I made, secretly, when I first noticed the brand ‘Nikin’ and it’s inspiring outdoor content on instagram. This was before I had started taking photography as seriously as I do now, back when I myself was still pretty new to the network, my own profile only bearing some low three digit follower count. Sometimes even big dreams can be pursued into reality if one only focuses hard enough I guess.

The Pitch

Lucky enough the brand, just like me, was only starting out and although their page had already built up some momentum and a reasonable following, they were still a young startup. Their pitch was simple; providing fairly produced, fashionable yet basic apparel at reasonable prices and planting one tree for each product sold. Their content, their logo, their lifestyle, it didn’t just appeal to me, it resonated with me, it created emotion. This was where I would get to, I promised myself.

A Leap of Faith

A few months later I had started to make my first steps in the world of travel and outdoor content creation and had already one or two other project going that I could show for and so I took the leap and wrote said fateful email. I still basically had no experience, no following, no portfolio besides a small instagram page, but I still got invited to a personal meeting for the enthusiastic words I wrote. I got accepted as a brand photographer, first as a test-run, then on a regular basis. And I hustled. For every release, every drop and every product I worked my ass off, tried to align personal with professional life, aimed to create and shoot better content than I did last month, last week, or even just the day before. And boom. Fast forward 1.5 years and here I am, shooting paid outdoor projects for them on a regular basis. 


reality check

During this time the collaboration has evolved from rather spontaneous sessions with whoever I’d just been hanging out with to organised professional style shootings and three day alpine missions to cover a new drop. From trying to not freeze my fingers off while holding the drone remote in the arctic winter, to getting up the third day in a row for sunrise in a tent while shooting what felt like all day and night before, hiking and still doing our best to be half way decent looking in front of the camera there have been many challenges along the way, and I am always looking forward to the next adventure. 


My work with Nikin has momentarily become the foundation of my work as a content creator. And the best thing about it is not even the many great memories of adventurous shoots and missions, but the incredible connections I made through the collab, to the founders and marketing team, and even more so to the fellow photographers and creators I got to know, that I got to work with and of which some became tight friends eventually. 


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