Rogue Base Grades Pack

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The very set I grade with every day – commercial, outdoor or products it does not matter: My ‘Apply on Import’ preset will be one from here.

Base Grades gives you 15 meticulously fine-tuned and curated Lightroom presets in three different styles: Film – moody with a slight retro look, Rogue Grades – my first, favorite and a foundation for any other presets I ever created, and Portrait – a set of grades specifically designed to enhance any kind of facial features and skin tones. Including both desktop as well as mobile versions to work in conjuncture with the (free) mobile Lightroom app. Get the best grade by a single tap on your phone!

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What's different about this bundle:

This is not an influencer bundle – in fact it’s the very opposite of that. 

Certain bundles will only ever provide you with one specific style of editing; an incomplete set, often lacking structure and grades for a variety of photos; in the end leaving you with unsatisfactory results for a high price. 

Rogue Presets were designed through meticulous analysis and mathematical perfection of many different editing styles – to give you access for the first time to all of them for an unprecedented price. They provide you with 63 comprehensibly named presets in 5 clearly structured sets to make you find the perfect grade in no time, giving you access to one-tap-edits on the go, or a solid set of starting points to grade your photos in ways you could never have imagined.

What's awesome about this bundle:

Buying Rogue Presets plants trees and helps to save the planet.

We need to stop adding more CO2 to the atmosphere. I’ll be teaming up with in this project to:

  • Plant one tree for every set sold
  • Plant three trees for every bundle sold

How it works:

Edit with a single tap!

  • Achieve that cinematic look on your own pictures by a single tap on your phone or click on your computer.

WHat's included:

  • Lightroom Mobile Presets
  • Lightroom Desktop Presets
  • Manual "How to use Lightroom Presets"

Good to know:

  • Rogue Presets are designed and tested to work with photos from any camera!
  • Comprehensible naming structure so you can find the right grade straight away!
  • After purchasing you may download your files infinitely!


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  • Your Lightroom Mobile Presets come as .dng files (a camera raw file format) with the lightroom develop settings burned into the file. 

    First of all, you need to download and unzip the files. If you’re on an iPhone, it’s easiest to download them using Safari (or any other browser) and then opening them in the iOS Files app. Just tap the .zip file to unzip, then import all the .dng files in that folder into Lightroom. If you’re on an Android the process is almost exactly the same; just download and unzip the files, then open the .dngs in Lightroom.

  • Once in your Lightroom app you need to open each individual .dng file and save the settings as the respective preset.

  • To keep organised, sort your presets into groups. You can hide the default groups under ‘manage presets’ to clean things up even more.

  • Tip: Importing mobile presets is a bit of work. If you have an Adobe subscription you can import the desktop version of the presets in your Lightroom desktop app and sync them to your mobile.

  • Download and unzip your Desktop Presets.

  • In Adobe Lightroom Classic go to File -> „Import Develop Profiles and Presets“ and select your unzipped .xmp files. Hit enter – boom, you’re done.

  • The name of each preset represents the style of photo they were intended be used with. However most of them will fit a great variety of pictures, feel free to mix and mingle!

  • None of the presets affects exposure or color temperature. If anything looks off, try adjusting these first.

  • If you still find a particular preset ‘toomuch’ or ‘too little’ try adjusting contrast respectively.

  • Only the whole bundle was designed to include the full spectrum of all major editing styles – if you can’t find the right preset in one pack make sure to check the others as well!

  • After purchase you will receive direct download links to all your files via email.

  • Try and search your email inbox and if unsuccessful have a look in your spam folder.

  • If you cannot find the download links please contact us at