What is a Content Creator?

Visual Storytelling

Not just a photo- or videographer… A drone pilot. An artist. A social media expert, sharing his work and adventures in real time. An all in one creative production company… That’s what makes the modern day content creator special – a competitively skilled jack of all trades… Maybe not working with Hollywood standards, but close enough and in exchange more flexible and appealing to a broader audience, both customer – and audience wise.

Above all then, I guess, I am a visual storyteller.

My specialties are any kind of outdoor- and travel-lifestyle related content. There is no environment where I can not make a shoot happen, and I certainly don’t lack the boldness nor the creativity to bring your wildest dreams on glossy print paper.

What do I offer?


  • 24MP stills (or higher if necessary)
  • Focal ranges up to 400mm
  • Underwater photography down to -30m
  • From basic lifestyle content to planned set productions anything is possible


  • Full 4K workflow
  • Up to 120fps (5x slow motion)
  • Plain shots or cinematic edits in landscape or vertical orientation, depending on your target


  • Cinematic drone shots
  • FPV (racing drone) flights
  • 20MP stills and 4K video
  • Nowadays drones are widely available, but it still is the pilot’s skills that makes a shot stand out… 

Social media mentoring

  • Pretty pictures alone don’t make a following
  • I’ll share with you all the important tricks and tips to be sucessful on the platforms that convert the most customers to you.

Who have I worked with?

Recent Partners include: